Lydia Cook is an award-winning poet, author and public speaker. Her mission is to empower and inspire diverse audiences. Cook has written two books, her first a chapbook titled From Pain to Power, and her latest, Blue Fire, which is available on Amazon, Kindle, and in Tennessee Public Libraries.

 In 2015 Lydia became “Toastmaster Cook,” earning her Competent Communicator Certification from Toastmaster International. Ms. Cook is highly concerned about our young people. She challenges them with the mantra “Think Past the Moment.” 

In 2017 Cook collaborated with Nashville Peacemakers where she wrote and facilitated Beautiful Brown Faces (BBF) a literary and public speaking workshop. Cook was supported by the Nashville Arts Commission. She is currently authoring and is an active participant on a written and recorded project titled Big Girl Chronicles the Struggle is Real. Cook is soon to release her second poetic CD, titled Inspirational Eyes Aren’t Easy, and her third book, titled When the Bird Lady Flies.

Lydia now offers reading and speaking tutoring for very reasonable rates. She teaches ages 8–60 the art of writing strategically, professionally, and or creatively. She also mentors, for affordable rates, how to navigate through the world of public speaking. These packages are created and executed through her intimate business, ChoiceWordsss. She also has a small business, Body Therapy by Lydia, where she creates all-natural products, such as body scrubs, body butters, aromatherapy, bath salts and bath bombs, and much more. Lydia is definitely, in one word, an artist.
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Praise for Lydia’s Work:
“Lydia’s words are true poetry. It’s not just the words but the down-to-earth perspective and the true heart place that they come from. I’ve been following Lydia for some time now. I can always count on her for magical words, for goodness or to expose evil, thoughtful, insightful or just love to all no matter what hateful thing be around her. Lydia made me feel truth and heart by her words and I see her truth in her poetry.”

~Joanne Dean, New South Wales, Australia, 2017

“Your words are like the ignition of motivation. Reading your poetry have given me motivation to go on. To be a warrior and fight because it's never too late to change things. And for that bow down to you. True poetess with positive thoughts that's who you are. Love,”

~Jessica Autumn Will, Malaysia, 2017

“Lydia Cook, also known as BornToWrite Poet, is a passionate writer who embodies love, truth, inspiration and surprise! She is one of today’s premiere voices for those who can’t express themselves with words. The first time I witnessed her art of spoken word, I thought this woman is explosive on the microphone and she has a natural aura that rings of individuality. BornToWrite is blessed with a unique style and dope pen; her Genius is Common.

~Bruce George (Founder of Def Poetry Jam and the international movement “Genius is Common”), New York, 08/14/2017

“You don't know just how much I needed to read these words. I loved the structure, intensity, depth, and the incredible wisdom in this write. Reading from you always renews my hope and faith in love. This is such an amazingly beautiful write! I applaud those who are blessed to have and know this type of sustainability.”

~Debbie Watson, California, 08/21/2017

“After listening to Blue Fire I was in tears and liberated at the same time. It is so amazing how Lydia not only shares her truth but it comes out in such a way that I feel like she's telling my story. Always a fan.”

~Penny Lewis, Georgia, 2017

“BornToWrite Poet is one of the most conscientious writers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her selfless loving and kind words reverberate through the soul. I can read her sensual poetry for hours. She has the gift to make time stand still.”

~Barry Young, Philadelphia, 2017

“I am very happy that I got to read your beautiful poems, which are full of energy and fills my heart with positive feelings and peace of mind. Your poetry is replete with emotions, kindness and love. It give us satisfaction and inspires us to do something good in life. I have a lot of love for your poetry which is always full of new thoughts, positive vibrations and love for everyone. It teaches us to be kind and softhearted. To read your poetry a smile pops upon my lips.”

~Preeti Trivedi, India, 2017

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Lydia Cook’s written work is featured in the following anthologies:
Family Poetry Collective Poe-Trees Anthology Volume I
A collected work of poetry from numerous poets and authors.
Battered Shadows

A non-profit publication donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Save Our Youth
A collection of poetry for the non-profit organization SOY that teaches young people from various backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles how to overcome sexual abuse and other adversities.
I Want to Write Poetry
An anthology published by Michelle J. Pinkard Ph.D of Tennessee State University.

Samples from Lydia’s Pen

“Once a victim of heartache, agony, and shame. Infused with rejection watered by sadness; God reminded her that a Rose is yet a Rose even when it hits the floor. And she nows adds Roses to life’s beautiful garden”. ~BtW~

“Moonlight composed lyrics for their love, the ocean serenades their dedicated loyalty as the Sun spreads rays of Light between their hearts. Forever was never a thought”. ~BtW~

“Forgotten and bruised, his mind locked away in a closet of safety, vowing to never be shattered again. He now swears to hurt anyone that resembles her face of selfish lies. What a job his mother did on his heart”. ~BtW~

“Your life written in blood before you were born. In moments of solitude I wonder if I let you down or protected you from this world? A letter to my miscarried seed”. ~BtW~
Stage Fright 

Racing thoughts when I walked in the room 
will this overweight body, 
outweigh what bleeding hearts need to hear 
never considered myself an analytical person 
but passion has always held me near 
demanding insecurities to become impaired 
declining prejudice 
the perception of some 
are not my truth 
purpose must take flight 
soaring on wings of poetry 
so I operate in courage 
speaking the spoken word anyway 
bleeding hearts need to hear

—Lydia Cook

After Midnight

It’s twelve o’clock, 
where is your heart? 
does it live where you lie 
are you selfish for demanding loyalty 
did her insecurities validate your infidelities   
were you ever concerned about her 
do you know what real love is 
is she stupid for believing in you 
imagine her breaking her promises 
how would it feel if she did the same 
could you handle that

—Lydia Cook


When you feel faith replacing fear
Courage settles in crevices of old wounds
Heal becoming scars of power
Beautiful tattoos reminding me to never tread roads embodying self doubt
Hope encourages my soul
inspiring light
where darkness once lived
A new day,
a paradigm shift
engraving the notion
that God is our friend
Today is the moment
that births change
Progression for every burden
appreciation for painful lessons
Legs preparing to walk
Naming the journey
new ascention
You are worthy
of these necessary
Roads to cross

—Lydia Cook

All written works legally protected by Lydia Cook.